Wanla-Markha-Matho- Stok Khangri

Lamayuru –Markha- Matho- Stok Phu.  Trek.
Wild Ladakh Trekking / Stok kangri.
A very interesting trek beginning at Lamayuru and walking up the less traveled Ripchar valley with its small villages, nomadic settlements and pastures where you see a wide variety of flowers from end of July to end of August and birds too. You cross some high passes with excellent views of the Karakoram and the Zanskar ranges. The initial part of the trek till Chilling is less traveled. From Chilling you cross the Zanskar river by a pulley cable and continue into the Markha valley-most popular and considered one of the best valleys in Ladakh.
This trek is not difficult but is demanding in stages due to the terrain. The average walking time is 5-6 hours.

Day 01 / : Early morning transfer for flight to Leh. Arrival and transfer to Hotel / guest House. Afternoon free.

Day 02 /: Sightseeing at Shey, Thikse and Hemis monasteries.

Day 03 /: Drive to Lamayuru visiting Alchi monastery of 11 century enroute.Visit Lamayuru  monastery built in the 10th century and one of the oldest monastic sites in Ladakh.  over night Camp at Lamayuru village.

Day 04 / 10 August : Trek starts.The trail heads down the valley before turning east to Prinkitila (3506m). Descend from the pass to the scenic village of Wanla. Camp overnight.

Day 05 / : Hinju: - Follow a nice wide path till the village of Penji from where you leave the main trail and head up the Ripchar valley to Hinju.

Day 06 / 1: Continue up the valley to grazing areas which support the village summer camps to camp at the base of Konzela.

Day 07 /: Begin a short but steep climb to Konzela (4950m) for views of the Zanskar range. A long and steep descent brings you to a camp by the river at Lanak.

Day 08 /: Chilling (3390m):- Follow the left bank of the river to the village of Sumda then go up the ridge to another pass - Dunduchunla (4435m) and descend to camp near the village of Chilling, the inhabitants of whom are the only ones who are the main metal workers making Ladakhi copper utensils.

Day 09 /: Skiu (3390m):- Cross the Zanskar by pulley cable and follow a lovely trail to camp at Skiu.

Day 10 /: Markha (3810m):- A full walking day. Cross the Markha River at two places to the village of Chalak. Beyond this settle-ment is an impressive line of chortens and a huge mound of goat horns. Follow the Markha River to the village of Markha to camp overnight.

Day 11 /: Thachungtse:- Follow the main trail passing the monastery at Humlung to the village of Hankar. We now go away from the wide valley and go up a narrow valley to the pastures at Thachungtse. (5-6hrs).

Day 12 /:  Nimaling (4700m):- Approx. 3-4hrs from Thachungtse, the trail climbs steeply to the plateau and pastures of Nimaling with impressive views of Kangyassey peak.

Day 13 /: Rest day at Nimaling. Optional hike up  to the base of   Kangyassey 6100 mtrs.

Day 14 /: Chogdo:- Begin a gradual climb of about 2 hrs to the top of Kongmarula (5030m), the highest point on the trek with excellent views of the Stok range and the Karakoram range of mountains. Descend to the wooded gorge to camp at Chogdo.

Day 15 /: Shangphu:- Follow the Shang Tokpo (stream). Go up Shang la at 4900m and descend to camp.

Day 16 /: Matho Phu -   Follow the river  up to A gradual ascent leads to a small stream and the trail from the head of the valley down Its true left bank, through dense scrub vegetation, is one of the loveliest parts of this Trek The spring fed stream forms clear deep pools along its course and flows into the main Shang stream, a valley away to the left. A gradual ascent gets you to Shang La, which Links the Matho valley with the Shang valley. The descent is fairly steep though not Long. Camp is set on the banks of a small stream, which eventually meets the main Matho Nala

Day 17 /:   Stok Phu -  Keeping right, ascend the left fork of the stream, walking right, ascend the left fork of Of the stream, walking past stone, ascend the left fork of the stream. Walking past Stone corrals and camping grounds and enter the upper Matho valley. Heading north-
West in a series of sharp ascents and descents. The trail clings precipitously to the Mountainside, crossing four large lateral stream feeding the Matho Tokpo. Camp Is set further up in an alpine meadow at the Gangpoche.

The pasturage of Gangpoche is a huge area bisected by streams, dotted with Doksas, many hidden amongst the dips and rises of the sharply uneven plain. To The south it climbs to the foot of the ice-clad bastion formed by Matho Kangri Peak and its consorts. Thrilling sharp ling in alarm as they catch sight of a Golden Eagle circling On a dihedral wings or the menacing bulk of a Bearded vulture held aloft on its nine- Foot spread. The lucky may catch a glimpse of a wolf or the track of a Snow Leopard Imprinted in wet ground, providing evidence of the presence of this most elusive of Cats. Over night camping.

Day 18 /; Stok Khangri Base :   The climb up to Matho La is extremely strenuous and at the top, travelers are often Greeted by the high wild cry of the Snow cock, a giant partridge common in these parts But difficult to see. Spectacular view of Stok Kangri (20,200 ft/ 6,121 m) and other peaks are available From the pass. This region provides an interesting study for geologists - alternatively Deposits of limestone, shale and sandstone. Also worthy of note is the formation of Stream beds and passes in the less resistant red shale. An abrupt though not very steep Descent past a spring leads to the upper part of the main Stok Nala and follows along The true right, some 90 meters above the riverbed. The valley broadens out and a Tributary stream, originating from Stok Kangri, must be forded before reaching the Campsite at the base camp of Stok Kangri.

Day 19 /: Expedition to the stok Khangri  summit.

Day  20 /;  Extra Day for Summit. if not succed  on day 19.

Day  21 / t ; Leh  - Stok Kangri base camp to Stok, Driveto Leh.Explore the northeastern flanks of Stok Kangri before retracing your steps to the main Stok Nala. The trail moves along the boulder-strewn left bank, enters a gorge and Ascends steeply up a left bank, enters a gorge and ascends steeply up a left bank spur
Marked by Cairns and prayer flags. After crossing a stream draining the western side of Stok La, continue down the Stok valley through willow groves and alpine meadows. Past the ruins of an ancient Ladakh fortress - Styang La Khar. The gorge widens and
From here it is only a hours to Stok village and followed by 45 minutes drive to Leh. Over night at hotel.

Day 22 / 28 August  :   FREE DAY .

Day 23 / 29 August ;   LEH TO  DELHI,   FLIGHT..